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March 2014

Quinary – Whole Body Balance


When your body is out of balance, you are affected physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. As someone who is deeply involved with healthcare and nutrition, I have seen a steady decline in health on all these levels.  I have also noted more individuals finding less help from the medical  approach. This is why a growing number of people are taking responsibility for their own health—looking to wholesome foods and natural remedies rather than to drugs and surgery. Here in the Western world we have finally begun to discover the wisdom of the East.


Western thinking is linear and mechanistic. It treats the human body as though it were a machine. When something goes wrong, it isolates the problem and attempts to fix it or replace parts. But the human body is a complex array of systems and organs. It is not possible to isolate and treat one element without affecting everything else.


On the other hand, Chinese Medicine looks at the body as if it were a tree—based on the continual flow of nourishment and the release of wastes. Each part of the tree depends on the others to accomplish its tasks. The Eastern philosophy is about balance and harmony.


In our day, with chemtrails, genetically modified foods, the effects of ongoing radiation from Fukishima,  and unparalleled stress, it is more difficult than ever to stay in balance.  We can’t pop a few vitamin pills in the morning and think we are good to go. We have to consider numerous factors that contribute to our health.  These factors include, healthy relationships (meaningful connection with others); they include time for relaxation and  regeneration (connection with the deepest parts of ourselves); they  include time in Nature (a connection with Mother Earth) and they include time for contemplation and enrichment (connection with the creative forces of the universe).  Incorporating these will have a huge impact on your health.  . . .And when it comes to the physical body, there is nothing like Quinary to support all the systems and organs that make up the whole. Supporting the whole body is the only way to prevent colds and flu as well as to protect against degenerative disease and a whole host of “syndromes” that are unprecedented in today’s world.


How to support the WHOLE body?

According to Chinese philosophy, Nature is divided into five elements— Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. These are referred to as the Five Elements of the Quinary.  Every living thing is made of these five elements that continually work together in balance and harmony.*

In keeping with Nature’s plan, Dr. Chen developed 5 basic, concentrated formulas to nourish the five major systems of the body:


  • Fire (Prime Again – supports the Endocrine system),
  • Earth (Assimilaid – supports the Digestive system),
  • Metal (Conco – supports the Respiratory system),
  • Water (Lifestream – supports the Circulatory system),
  • Wood, (Alpha 20-C – supports the Immune system).


Each of these formulas is included in one of the foundational products in the Sunrider program—of course it’s called Quinary.


Quinary is a whole food herbal nutrition born of 5,000 years of research. The herbs in the formula are the original super foods revered for thousands of years for their regenerative properties. Quinary also contains the 5 tastes & 5 colors—part of its effectiveness in harmony and balance. Quinary contains a total of 48 concentrated herbs and extracts synergistically combined to feed each of the 5 systems of the body. Together, they promote balance, synergy, harmony and communication among the organs and systems of the body. Here are the individual formulas:



Prime Again is Sunrider’s formula that feeds the endocrine system (hormones). The endocrine system regulates many bodily processes including metabolism, growth, reproduction and stress responses. The herbs in Prime Again strengthen all of these functions. Prime Again feeds the heart, small intestines, and reproductive system. Signs of imbalance include:  emotional instability—especially sadness, weak sexual responses, PMS, muscle weakness, allergies, premature wrinkles, and the inability to cope with stress.



Assimilaid feeds the organs of the digestive system—stomach, spleen and pancreas. It corresponds to the Earth element whose characteristic is stability. Better digestion helps improve everything – including appetite and sleep. Signs of imbalance include: excessive worry, indigestion/heartburn, nausea, gas, gastric disorders, and stomach discomfort.



Conco feeds the respiratory system. The Chinese knew that hindered breathing impaired the flow of chi (energy). They also understood that movement of the diaphragm during deep breathing massages the transverse colon. Conco feeds both the lungs and the colon. Signs of respiratory  imbalance include: excessive, ongoing grief, the tendency to colds, headaches, and chronic congestion.



Lifestream balances the kidneys and bladder—the organs that primarily govern your fluids. These organs maintain the proper sodium, potassium and magnesium levels for optimal cell function. A healthy circulatory system efficiently feeds your cells oxygen and nutrients and removes wastes and carbon dioxide. Water’s characteristics also apply to the blood and to the flow of lymphatic fluids. Signs of imbalance within the circulatory system include: chronic fear, blood pressure imbalances, cold and/or numb hands and feet, varicose veins, fluid retention, and weakened eyesight.



Alpha 20-C  is designed to address the body’s defense (immune) system by strengthening the bone marrow, liver and adrenal glands. This formula includes herbs that are high in antioxidants to support a balanced immune response.  Alpha 20-C is food for anger—the emotion that often accompanies immune system imbalance. Other signs of immune imbalance include: persistent infections, swollen glands, autoimmune problems, and a tendency toward cysts and tumors.


Quinary includes each of the above formulas – all in one. It’s for everyone — every day!  And if you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above, consider including extra Prime Again, Assimilaid, Conco, Lifestream, or Alpha 20-C in your nutritional program.

As with all Sunrider foods, Quinary is concentrated. (Seven pounds of herbs produce one pound of product .) It can be taken as individual formulas or as the complete Quinary formula – in Capsules, powder or liquid (Liqui-Five). 


For best results, take 1 Quinary packet/day for every 10 years of your age. For quicker absorption, try Liqui-Five. One vial of LiquiFive = 1 packet or 10 capsules.

Try mixing a packet or two of Quinary with your NuPlus shake in the morning and/or mixing it in warm water for a nice Quinary tea with dinner. And at this time of year with all the colds and flu, we need additional support for our immune systems. I add a packet of Alpha 20-C to my Quinary/NuPlus shake.


*I have a short section on the Five Element Theory in my book, The Pure Cure. It goes into more detail on incorporating the Five Elements in your diet (with colors and tastes that correspond to the Five elements too).  Read more about The Pure Cure and get an autographed copy for the price of the book (just order the un-autographed version and I will sign it).


And if you want to connect with more wisdom on staying healthy in a toxic world, visit my website for links to interviews with dozens of experts in the field of health and wellness.  Healthy living – The Wynter’s Way – my new TV/Radio show . Listen live (Thursday’s 1:30 p.m. PT) or go to the archives.


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